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Business plan report for a UK Dried fruit and nuts supplier company

RaisinAble Limited is a mid-sized private company based in the UK. Their core business is sourcing, processing, packaging, marketing and selling dried fruit, edible nuts and seeds (FNS) to the UK retail market. RaisinAble is unsure of where it is heading strategically in the near future and has contracted you as a consultant to provide guidance through a five-year business plan report. The company’s management team welcomes your identification of and insight into potential (and viable!) strategic options. The management team is open to considering a range of strategies that may strengthen their core activities, and/or diversify their product range, and/or enter international markets, or and/or perhaps consolidate the company’s activities. In order to complete this project you will need to analyse the competitive environment, market trends, examine the company’s financial position, explore alternative, assess risk and then build your business plan, and present your plan in a report.
RaisinAble Limited is a mid-sized private company based in the UK. Their core business is sourcing, processing, packaging, marketing and selling dried fruit, edible nuts and seeds (FNS) to the UK retail market. RaisinAble is unsure of where it is heading strategically in the near future and has contracted you as a consultant to provide guidance through a five-year business plan report. The company’s management team welcomes your identification of and insight into potential (and viable!) strategic options.
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