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Bamboo industry Analysis of suriname and guatemala

MBA report i have most of the research which i can share APA citations Industry: - Bamboo Countries: - Suriname (South America) - Guatemala → report with 2500 words Compare & Evaluate in each country → ability of Bamboo to participate in our countries History, trends & implications in 1.a.geography, b.environmental, and c. resource characteristics 2.industry environment, 3.endowment factors (determinants of national competitive advantage), 4.clusters use global competitive report for comparision
MBA report i have most of the research which i can share APA citations Industry: - Bamboo Countries: - Suriname (South America) - Guatemala → report with 2500 words Compare & Evaluate in each country → ability of Bamboo to participate in our countries History, trends & implications in 1.a.geography, b.environmental, and c.
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