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SUBJECT AREA English Language
CREATED ON 27th November 2018
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Interpretive Argument on Ha Jin fiction shorties (Temporary Love, Children as Enemies and In the Crossfire)

In an essay 9 pages in length, you will use a specific literary theory (see the “What is Theory?” document in Files) through which you will analyze "Temporary Love" by Ha Jin, "In the Crossfire" by Ha Jin and "Children as Enemies" by Ha Jin, determine the meaning, and argue for the validity of your thesis. PLEASE: Workcited page at the end and see attachment for writing requirement.
In an essay 9 pages in length, you will use a specific literary theory (see the “What is Theory?” document in Files) through which you will analyze "Temporary Love" by Ha Jin, "In the Crossfire" by Ha Jin and "Children as Enemies" by Ha Jin, determine the meaning, and argue for the validity of your thesis. PLEASE: Workcited page at the end and see attachment for writing requirement.
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