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Literary Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gillman

Craft a literary analysis of the yellow wallpaper. In a logically organized. The thesis for this essay is: While on the surface, the story appears to be about a women suffering from mental health challenges and her road to recovery, the story actually explores themes of oppression and gender inequality. Structure of the essay: I’d like to explore the significance of this time period and the role ‘domestic ideology’ played. More importantly I’d like to explore the rest cure’s impact to the overall mental health and well-being of women. To support this argument you'll need to explore a number of related themes both in the text as well as other related historical scholarly works. Some of these themes are: 1. Gender roles/inequality and society’s expectations of women - the narrator in The Yellow Wallpaper is often portrayed as weak and submissive and as needing permission from her husband to perform even basic tasks. John, her husband seen as patriarch and dominant force…the decision maker. Lastly, share how societal norms during that time period played into those gender norms. 2. Explore the subordination of women in marriage and how this might have played to a loss of identity and self-worth in women 3. Isolation, and the role that isolation plays in both the story and in keeping women subordinate. In the story, the location of the summer home, barred windows, location of the room in the home (in the attic) and being taken away from her child might further support the decline of a women’s mental health condition 4. Oppression and Importance of self-expression – in the story, journaling became a critical outlet that ultimately appeared to “free” the virtually nameless narrator Essay Mechanics: You should, ideally, also engage with some kind of historical or scientific context. Think of this essay as a research paper with a literary analysis focus. You should strive to incorporate your knowledge (or recently-researched knowledge) of a text’s/ author’s engagement with one of the many sciences and/or historical contexts we discussed over the course of the semester. This contextual engagement should connect to the close reading of your chosen text. In this way, your essay should consist of two “parts” in conversation with each other: Part 1 : establish a scientific and/or historical context—tell the reader about the text and the context with which it engages. This will likely require you to give some historical background on the science and establish why the author would be interested in this context (see “Tips for Getting Started” below). Part 2 : establish a clear analytical focus within the text—what is the author doing with the text that ties back to this scientific or historical context? Use your terminology knowledge here. For example, is the author’s use of metaphor particularly relevant to this historical or scientific context? Requirements : • 9-10 pages (text onto 9 th page, not 8 ¾ pages) • 3 scholarly sources o A max of 2 sources may be from the approved scholarly source list on Blackboard o This means that you need to find at least 1 source through your own research • Strict adherence to MLA format throughout (page layout, parenthetical citations, works cited, etc. See Blackboard for MLA style guide). • Thorough engagement with the text • A clear thesis • Thorough discussion of thesis in a well-organized essay • Demonstration of close-reading skills (which means you'll need quotes and to dissect the quotes) • Demonstration of terminology knowledge Sample Organizational Outline: Pages may vary, but the emphasis should be on the close reading—do not turn in 4 pages of background and only spend 3 pages on the text. If you do this, it will severely impact your “ideas and content” grade . I. Introduction (about 1 page) a. Briefly introduce text and context b. A nice, clear thesis J II. Context/framework (about 2-3 pages) a. Relevant scientific/historical background b. Why would the author be interested in this? How does this fit in with your thesis? III. Close reading of text (about 6 pages) a. Content in this section will vary, but it should directly correlate to your thesis and compliment your framework (see sample essay)
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