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Does violence in video games cause violence in children ?

Write a unified, coherent, and well-developed argumentative research essay (800 words) on a topic of your choice. Throughout your essay, you must refer to at least five reliable expert sources, providing correct MLA in-text citations and an MLA Works Cited list at the end of your essay. Your essay should make frequent use of at least 5 reliable expert sources whose ideas or information you either quote or paraphrase in the essay: the best essays will paraphrase more than quote authors. Each body paragraph should contain enough cited “research” to support and prove any key points that you are explaining. Do not use so many sources and citations that your own thinking, understanding, and conclusions do not appear in your essay. Your quotations and paraphrases ideas should not be especially long: use only what you truly need to explain and support your own ideas or conclusions. Be sure to name the author(s) each time you use someone else’s ideas or information. Do not plagiarize!
Write a unified, coherent, and well-developed argumentative research essay (800 words) on a topic of your choice. Throughout your essay, you must refer to at least five reliable expert sources, providing correct MLA in-text citations and an MLA Works Cited list at the end of your essay. Your essay should make frequent use of at least 5 reliable expert sources whose ideas or information you either quote or paraphrase in the essay: the best essays will paraphrase more than quote authors. Each body paragraph should contain enough cited “research” to support and prove any key points that you are explaining.
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