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Impact of internet/social media usage on human lives

It is a controversial essay in APA format. It has to follow a format which I have done most of the essay component it only needs to be more organized and put all the info together in a way to make sense to reader which I’m not really good at it! And it needs all the in text citations and references.
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This paper analyses the Enron company culture and the key issues that eventually resulted in the "Enron Corporate debacle" and just why it is so essential that top level management is the key proponent of the culture shaping lower level employees' behavior of moral reasoning. In addition, as there is a need to comprehend how different types of ethnicities may very easily help business to execute, this essay will identify the sort of Enron's commercial culture through applying the assessment musical instruments produced by Cameron and Quinn (1998). In today's business environment the culture has huge impact on organization's performance. It really is widely recognized by the managers, that the adoption of organisational culture as a highly effective control tool, gives the opportunity to have an effect on on what folks think, consider and value (Ray, 1986).
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