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Reimagining Intellectual Property: Understanding Copyright, Plagiarism, and Authorship 20%

When we turn on a television, flip through a magazine, or browse the internet, we encounter copyrighted or trademarked material at almost every turn. We are peering a content created and registered by numerous authors. Since the birth of copyright and the concept of intellectual property, the modern world has struggled to balance “fair use” and artistic freedom with the rights and privileges of authors and inventors. Modern business and trade practices require certain protections for intellectual property in order to make profit off their work, but some critics have started to contend that intellectual property rights must be rethought in the age of streaming content. Write an essay tackling the complexities of this issue and clearly stipulating your side in this debate. Try to give answers to the following questions in your examination: When should a company or author be able to enforce a copyright? How should we define terms like plagiarism? How might he medium or means of communication impact the discussion of this issue? The completed assignment should be 1250 words in length, not including the required works cited page. Two reliable sources must be cited from the library databases to receive full credit. two sources must be from jstor
When we turn on a television, flip through a magazine, or browse the internet, we encounter copyrighted or trademarked material at almost every turn. We are peering a content created and registered by numerous authors. Since the birth of copyright and the concept of intellectual property, the modern world has struggled to balance “fair use” and artistic freedom with the rights and privileges of authors and inventors. Modern business and trade practices require certain protections for intellectual property in order to make profit off their work, but some critics have started to contend that intellectual property rights must be rethought in the age of streaming content.
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