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Who Am I? Personal Application of Personality Theories

Objective(s) Comprehend the applied implications of personality psychology research. List the methods of personality assessment, the basic criteria by which tests are evaluated, and common measures of personality Description: This assignment will require that you consider the different personality theories we investigate in class and apply them to you own personality makeup. You are asked to select two to three personality theories and evaluate your personality development to date. Papers must be 5-6 pages in length, double-spaced, APA formatted, and in college level English. Page count does NOT include title page and references. You are not required to complete an abstract. Be sure to: Identify which theories do you feel most explain who you are now Explain why these theories apply to your personality development Examine what cultural influences have molded you into the person you are today List which personality assessment(s) presented in the readings would you complete in evaluating your personality. Discuss what you theorize it might reveal about you based on the readings from the text and journal articles. Support your work with information from the textbook AND peer-reviewed sources from psychology journals. You can find access to FREE ones via the FIU library. Formatting Reminder: You are expected to format your presentation according to APA formatting guidelines. Please see the APA resources folder in our classroom for additional resources and tools for help in preparing your paper. Be sure to cite your sources accordingly, to avoid plagiarism in your formal written assignments. Please label your document with your last name and the name of the assignment like this, FERNANDEZ_PAPER.doc. Format for papers must be in Microsoft word format. That means ONLY.doc OR .docx files.
Objective(s) Comprehend the applied implications of personality psychology research. List the methods of personality assessment, the basic criteria by which tests are evaluated, and common measures of personality Description: This assignment will require that you consider the different personality theories we investigate in class and apply them to you own personality makeup. You are asked to select two to three personality theories and evaluate your personality development to date. Papers must be 5-6 pages in length, double-spaced, APA formatted, and in college level English.
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