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SUBJECT AREA Criminology
DOCUMENT TYPE Research Proposal
CREATED ON 25th December 2016
COMPLETED ON 1st January 2017
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Comparisim, money laundring layering stage btween middle east and uk

Comparisim in the miney laundring ( only layering stage) money transfer pot in mind properties , betweeen middle east and uk, puring my opinion point of view as a law enforckent repsentative in the middle east. this is an academic research proposal, with harvard based refrences, i will use letruture review research method , it should concentrate on the layering stage concealing fund through wire transfer of money ;laundering and comparisim between those parts 3000 words excluding the footnotes and refrences , there should be refrences and footnotes, please tell me the plagirisim similarities
Comparisim in the miney laundring ( only layering stage) money transfer pot in mind properties , betweeen middle east and uk, puring my opinion point of view as a law enforckent repsentative in the middle east.
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