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London: The History of a Business City. Question Set

This question set will test whether you have done, understood and assimilated the reading and the other course material so far. No question should require an answer of more than 500 words, and each assessment should take you no more than two hours to complete To get a good grade here, you must answer the questions comprehensively but succinctly; that is, you must cover the important points but not waste space. You must show that you have done and understood the reading, and listened to and understood the class material. You must take care with your writing and your presentation: I expect precise and correct English, references to sources in appropriate academic format, careful proofreading and presentation. Here are the questions: How did the Empire shape London’s economy, culture and geography in 1700s and 1800s? How did changes in transportation affect London’s economy, culture, and geography in the 1700s and 1800s? How did the government of London develop in the 1800s?
This question set will test whether you have done, understood and assimilated the reading and the other course material so far. No question should require an answer of more than 500 words, and each assessment should take you no more than two hours to complete To get a good grade here, you must answer the questions comprehensively but succinctly; that is, you must cover the important points but not waste space. You must show that you have done and understood the reading, and listened to and understood the class material. You must take care with your writing and your presentation: I expect precise and correct English, references to sources in appropriate academic format, careful proofreading and presentation.
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Research Article:Individual students will prepare a research article. It will deal with specific sustainability and social responsibility issues fororganizations and managers. The paper should review the literature, present the research question, and analyze your findings. This research paper should be in a professional journal article format, and..
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Guidelines: • Assignment should be a minimum of 12 slides, excluding the title and reference page. • Utilize a minimum of 5 references, only 1 can be the text book. • Provide details in your content to all the sections listed above. • Follow proper APA guidelines. • Substantial Speaker Notes throughout presentation. Reference your readings and include a minimum..
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Reflect on what you consider to be the primary ethical and legal considerations for teachers in a K-8 educational setting. Write a 450 to 750-word reflection paper on what you consider to be the primary ethical considerations for teachers in the K-8 educational setting. Some of the reflections should include reflections on these questions: What are some privileges..
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