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Research Paper on the various amounts of discriminiation of the Irish coming to America in the 1800 and 1900s

THIS IS THE SYNOPISS I WROTE FOR THE RESEARCH PAPER YOU WILL BE DOING. FOLLOW IT. In my research paper i will be discussing the many forms of discrimination against Irish when they first started coming to America and the struggles that came as result. Also, i will be touching on the how the Irish people over came such discrimination and eventually assimlated into American culture. Discrimination against Irish immigrants targeted their Catholicism, relative poverty and willingness to work for lower wages than the average native American employee. Nativists accused the Irish of having greater allegiance to the Church in Rome than to the United States. They were also incensed by what they perceived to be the influx of cheap labor displacing them in the workforce. The biggest factor in the anti-Irish sentiment of the 19th century was the Catholic faith of the immigrants, according to the U.S. Embassy. Catholicism had a long history of antagonism with Protestantism and Anglicanism in Europe that carried over to America in the 1820s. Protestant nativists believed catholicism it to be incompatible with American democracy. Nativists argued that a hierarchical, centrally-governed church went against the pluralism that made the American republic workable. Discrimination against Irish immigrants had strong economic motivation as well. The Irish fled conditions of immense poverty in their native land. Upon arriving in the United States, they were willing to work for less money than employers paid the typical laborer. Nativists resented the threat to their livelihoodn . Additionally, nativists believed that the poor Irish immigrants would not rise above poverty. They feared the Irish would become America's first permanent working class. This seemed to threaten the pivotal American principle of social mobility.. THIS PAPER SHOULD TOUCH ON THE ALL THE FORMS OF VARIOUS DISCRIMINIATION THE IRISH FACED WHEN THEY CAME TO AMERICA. ELOBRATE ONTHE IMPACT THIS HAD ON THE IRISH PEOPLE, HOW IT MADE THE GROUP INTO GANGS, RALLIED THE IRISH PEOPLE INTO A TIGHT COMMUNITY. THEN DISCUSS WHAT CHANGEDS TOOK PLACE THAD LED THEM TO ASSIMLATE INTO AMERICAN CULTURE. TOUCH ON THIER IMPACT ON THE CIVIL WAR. TOUCH ON HOW IRISH PEOPLE CAME LEGISLATIVE MEMBERS IB THE AMERICAN CONGRESS. TALK ABOUT WHY ITS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THIS DISCRIINATION AND HOW WE CAN CHANGE TO NOT DO PARTICPATE IN DISCRIMINATION AGAIN. ALSO NEED TO USE ATLEAST 4 BOOK SOURCES TO BACK UP POINTS. CITE SOURCES PAGES IS AN EXTRA PAGE NOT COUNTED AS THE TOTAL 8 PAGES REQUIRED FOR THIS PAPER. *** ALSO Will next 6 page rough draft by Monday Morning. 11/12
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