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SUBJECT AREA Project Management
DOCUMENT TYPE Dissertation
CREATED ON 7th November 2018
COMPLETED ON 21st November 2018
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Conflict Resolution Strategy as a tool for performance enhancement in Project Management.

The reason is to identify conflicts in the organization, causes and the impacts in productivity. To show how conflict resolution as a significant tool boosts performance in Project management. To apply the principles of conflict resolution and strategy to measure success and timely completion of a project. Effective conflict resolution strategy will foster efficient team communication and reduce resources wastage. The aim is to show that conflict in Project Management has hazardous effects on a project, however, having effective conflict resolution strategy will enhance performance and smooth running of projects. Methodology: Secondary research will be used. We will be Collecting data from desktops, articles from the internet and other relevant sources like textbooks, journals and blocs Finally, the expected result is to show that Collaborative style of conflict resolution is the best approach to resolve conflicts amongst the project team members and this generates or fosters speedy productivity in project management. Using Webhelp Greece as a case study (2016-2018). 12,000 words.
The reason is to identify conflicts in the organization, causes and the impacts in productivity. To show how conflict resolution as a significant tool boosts performance in Project management. To apply the principles of conflict resolution and strategy to measure success and timely completion of a project. Effective conflict resolution strategy will foster efficient team communication and reduce resources wastage.
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