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How a Character and Leadership program will help your student/athletes and school community

Athletes want and need someone they can count on whether it be a coach or a fellow teammate, so they need to be sold on your vision and approach this happens by developing and creating an atmosphere for new ideas and challenges which can be explored and presented. Class your Character and Leadership Academy should focus on what days of the week and what time your class or leadership meeting will be conducted to facilitate your program. Please state why you believe how a Character and Leadership program will help your student/athletes and school community. Your Character and Leadership Academy should run from the first of the year once you return to school from the holiday season in which your implementation will run through January to May. Explain your topics to be covered and your feelings on why this week’s project benefits your overall football program. You may use as a guide, the Leadership and Character section in your attachment entitled "From Resume to Championship a Step by Step Process". This week’s project must be presented in full detail and presented as a power point.
Athletes want and need someone they can count on whether it be a coach or a fellow teammate, so they need to be sold on your vision and approach this happens by developing and creating an atmosphere for new ideas and challenges which can be explored and presented. Class your Character and Leadership Academy should focus on what days of the week and what time your class or leadership meeting will be conducted to facilitate your program. Please state why you believe how a Character and Leadership program will help your student/athletes and school community. Your Character and Leadership Academy should run from the first of the year once you return to school from the holiday season in which your implementation will run through January to May.
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