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Emmanuel Sieyès vs Herbert Spencer about inequality

Emmanuel Sieyès, in What is the Third Estate? (1789) and Herbert Spencer, in Man vs. the State (1884) each address the problem of vast inequality in their respective nations, where a tiny percentage of citizens holds most of the wealth and power. Using evidence, compare the ways these writers describe inequality, and the solution each one recommends. Also, please state a strong thesis and support it with specific text references, and cite the sources by page number like this (42). Thanks! Can you use MLA format for Citation? Don’t use more than three citations. You can use Trial of Modernity Book as one source.
Emmanuel Sieyès, in What is the Third Estate? (1789) and Herbert Spencer, in Man vs. the State (1884) each address the problem of vast inequality in their respective nations, where a tiny percentage of citizens holds most of the wealth and power. Using evidence, compare the ways these writers describe inequality, and the solution each one recommends.
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