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Choose a nutrition topic that is of interest to you

Choose a nutrition topic that is of interest to you,obtain 3 current and reliable article related specifically to your will need to find 1.Article from a newspaper or magazine. 2.Article from an Internet website. 3.Article from a professional journal. In your own words, summarize the key points of your journal article. In your own words summarize the key points of your magazine/newspaper article. In your own words, summarize the key points of your Internet article. Using specific examples from your 3 sources, examine the ways in which they differ, and the strength and weakness of each sources. In your response,consider several of the following: the credentials of the author, studies cited, depth of argument, use of facts versus opinions, and use of language/vocabulary.Overall, which article did you find to be the most informative about your topic and why.3-4 page's. Cited page include
Choose a nutrition topic that is of interest to you,obtain 3 current and reliable article related specifically to your will need to find 1.Article from a newspaper or magazine. 2.Article from an Internet website. 3.Article from a professional journal. In your own words, summarize the key points of your journal article.
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