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Governmental policies and international trade restrictions

We discussed governmental policies and international trade restrictions (infant industry, saving jobs, national security & unfair competition). However, these arguments are also used by some domestic firms (ie airlines, auto makers, etc). Analyze an article where these arguments are used by U.S, firms in an attempt to get U.S. governmental assistance and protection. What protections/assistance are they specifically asking for— (hint: the key search phrase is “domestic protectionism.”) Note; I need three introduction paragraphs before the summary of the article. The file i sent you is more clear about it.
We discussed governmental policies and international trade restrictions (infant industry, saving jobs, national security & unfair competition). However, these arguments are also used by some domestic firms (ie airlines, auto makers, etc). Analyze an article where these arguments are used by U.S, firms in an attempt to get U.S. governmental assistance and protection.
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