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“These writers explore both the social roles that confine them and the bodies that represent that confinement”

“These writers explore both the social roles that confine them and the bodies that represent that confinement”. In the light of this quotation, compare how the writers Of Wide Sargasso Sea and The Fat Black Womens Poem explore gender. Writers are: Jean Rhys and Grace Nichols. Compare Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys And The fat black womens poems by Grace Nichols. Use quotations from both of the texts when answering the question please. Include : Gender: For wide Sargasso Sea: rights and experiences of a creole white woman in 1830s England & Caribbean For the fat black womans peoms: rights and experiences of a fat black woman in 1980 England & Caribbean // Write about marriage over time and how it confines woman and benefits men // The body: discuss and compare the female body of the characters in the two extracts which often represents the confinement women are socially subjected to. // Also write about writers own experiences of gender oppression of patriarchy and how it’s mirrored in their texts. // Please link to the statement and question in every paragraph. // Also include relevant critics and context to the essay// Context: For wide Sargasso Sea: Slavery abolition act 1833 ;Slave holder compensation ;Haiti Revolution ;primogeniture ;marriage act 1870 For the fat black womens poems: ;British establishments links to the space trade ;windrush and empire ;Marcus Garvey ;Repatriation- Sierra Leone/Liberia.
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