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How the Vietnam War affected American Foreign policy

Paper deadline is thursday December 15th, 2016. I understand the extreme time constraints, I have 3 other final exams to study for. These are the guidelines as it says on my syllabus. Papers must be between 20-30 double spaced pages and can be on any topic related to American Foreign Policy. The papers must include (1) a brief literature review, (2) a clearly stated argument or hypothesis (derived from the readings, another source, or an original argument, (3) a description of how the argument/hypothesis will be evaluated empirically, and (4) an evaluation of the argument using evidence from at least one historical case.
Paper deadline is thursday December 15th, 2016. I understand the extreme time constraints, I have 3 other final exams to study for. These are the guidelines as it says on my syllabus. Papers must be between 20-30 double spaced pages and can be on any topic related to American Foreign Policy.
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