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Racial discrimination in the corrections system and how it affects Latinos psychosocially?

Instructions: PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. THERE ARE POINTS DEDUCTED IF YOU DO NO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Students will submit a 5-page essay describing the different psychosocial experiences and its effect on the Latino population. The essay must be no less than 5 pages. If the essay is less than 5 pages, there will be a 5-point deduction. Essay must be double spaced (if more than double-spaced, 5-point deduction will occur), APA format, Arial 12 font and indent for each paragraph. 1-point deduction if each paragraph not indented. Each essay must have an abstract and an opening argument as your introduction of the different psychosocial experiences and it effect on the Latino population. As professionals, your essay is expected to be well thought out and written in a professional manner. Although you will not be graded on your writing skills, papers may be returned with comments and suggestions. Your essay must have no less than 8 cited references. You MUST cite your references on your essay and each must be included in the bibliography page. The essay should provide several examples of the psychosocial experiences Latinos face and how it affects this population. The content of your essay should include information and examples of attitudes, values, social behaviors, family characteristics, economic well-being, educational attainment or labor force outcomes. Include a compare and contrast information how psychosocial issues effects 1st and 3rd generation differently. Your comparison should reflect how the 1st and 3rd generation may face similarities but one generation adapts and acculturates differently from one another. Your conclusion should reflect the following: Explain your rationale why this topic is important for a social work practitioner and how it can affect good practice. Describe ethical dilemmas that can arise when a social work practitioner lack understanding of working with this population. Provide recommendations how you will prepare yourself as a future social work practitioner to be successful working with the Latino population.
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