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Comparing Guanxi in Beijing(China) and Shenzhen(China)

SCENARIO:A company that engaged in human resources outsourcing, headhunting, training, consulting and law, want establish controlled company. This company have a headquarter in Beijing, and want to establish a branch company in Shenzhen (China). Content: First, you need to compare differences of Guanxi between these two cities. Then you need to do the reason of these differences. Do not need introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph. Need more than 2 references.
SCENARIO:A company that engaged in human resources outsourcing, headhunting, training, consulting and law, want establish controlled company. This company have a headquarter in Beijing, and want to establish a branch company in Shenzhen (China). Content: First, you need to compare differences of Guanxi between these two cities. Then you need to do the reason of these differences.
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