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RE: Class, click here for Prof. Hardy's discussion questions for Greasy Lake

Research Process Step 1 and Step 2: This short assignment will allow you to demonstrate that you fully understand the objective and criteria for the research-supported essay on Fences (Step 1) and give you an opportunity to initially brainstorm on a selected thesis of interest (Step 2). Please create only ONE Word document which contains Step 1 and Step 2. Flex submission dates: Oct. 28-30 STEP 1: After carefully reading the file, “Research Supported Essay on Fences” (accessed under Essay Submissions in our course menu), please respond to the following ten questions. Please number your responses. 1. After reading the first short two sentences of the criteria, explain briefly what your objective is for the final paper on Fences. In other words, simply read the first paragraph and paraphrase, in general, what the objective of the paper will be. You do not need to share thesis at this point---just paraphrase what the general objective of the paper is. 2. How does your specified audience affect your writing/choice of diction? 3. How long does this essay need to be? Can you go beyond the maximum page length if needed? 4. What is the due date? What is the percentage of this assignment that counts toward your final grade? 5. Are topic ideas offered for students? Should your subsequent thesis statement be in your own words? Can students come up with their own topic/thesis? 6. What should your thesis statement accomplish? How long can the thesis be? Should you use first person and what is known as the “announcement” tone? 7. What will the body paragraphs of your essay accomplish? 8. How many research sources are you required to use? How many of these should come from PGCC’s library databases? Name a few websites that you are not allowed to use. 9. Ideally, what should your research articles focus on? 10. Are the two components of MLA documentation---parenthetical citations after any paraphrases or direct quotes from research sources and a Works Cited page---required? Should any quoted lines from the play be documented as well? How many entries should you have on your Works Cited page? STEP 2: At this point, everyone has read Act I and perhaps even more. At this stage, do you have an interest in one of the thesis topics presented? In a short paragraph, briefly discuss what your initial interest might be for topic/thesis selection and why.
Research Process Step 1 and Step 2: This short assignment will allow you to demonstrate that you fully understand the objective and criteria for the research-supported essay on Fences (Step 1) and give you an opportunity to initially brainstorm on a selected thesis of interest (Step 2). Please create only ONE Word document which contains Step 1 and Step 2. Flex submission dates: Oct. 28-30 STEP 1: After carefully reading the file, “Research Supported Essay on Fences” (accessed under Essay Submissions in our course menu), please respond to the following ten questions.
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