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Critique and Response to a Professional Text on Reading or Writing

Critique and Response to a Professional Text on Reading or Writing (15%) Select and read a professional text about reading in general or one particular aspect of reading or writing that interests you. Write a paper that both critiques and responds to the text. Do not feel that you need to be critical but be thoughtful in your response. A response to the text should let us know what you learned from reading the book and your assessment of it (which could be completely positive!). Please use the following to guide the writing of your paper: 1. The title and bibliographical information of the book you have selected. 2. A brief summary of the book which should be NO MORE THAN 2 PARAGRAPHS IN LENGTH. Everyone must reproduce the Table of Contents and attach it as an Appendix. 3. A response to a text is not a retelling of the book. Provide sufficient information so that we have a sense of what the book is about but do not devote significant space to retelling the book. You can either respond to the whole book or focus on a few chapters and tell why these chapters are significant. Identify the strengths of the book? Identify the weaknesses? Explain why you agree or disagree with the author? In your response, try to relate the book to professional reading, research, course work, practicum, etc. In some cases this is not possible but wherever possible do bring in a connection to what else you have read or seen in classrooms. Describe insights you have had into the topic. What did you learn? What must you be mindful of in your practice as a teacher? Please note that this is an academic paper SO organization, flow, and presentation are important, as well as adherence to APA Style. Here is an example of APA format. Dudley-Marling, C., & Paugh, P. (2004). A classroom teacher’s guide to struggling readers. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann please use this text below for this assignment: Part 2: Compare and contrast Vygotsky's sociocultural view vs. Piaget's cognitive developmental view in Chapter 2 in the Educational psychology textbook sixth edition (Woolfolk, Winne, & Perry, 2016) and write a1000 to 1500 word paper that demonstrates a deeper understanding of that concept/theory. Although the textbook introduces concepts and theories that apply to children, adolescents, and adults, as Primary/Junior teacher candidates, you must research how your selected concept/theory pertains to children/pre-adolescent learners and emphasize this in your paper. You must cite at least three sources other than the textbook or the directly referenced works in the textbook, unless you have consulted those references directly.
Critique and Response to a Professional Text on Reading or Writing (15%) Select and read a professional text about reading in general or one particular aspect of reading or writing that interests you. Write a paper that both critiques and responds to the text. Do not feel that you need to be critical but be thoughtful in your response. A response to the text should let us know what you learned from reading the book and your assessment of it (which could be completely positive!).
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