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Are we in the best, the worst of times or a combination of both?

Are we in the best, the worst of times or a combination of both? Paper must have a multitude of resources, facts, examples and references to support and defend whether or not they believe we are 1) Currently in the Best of Political times, 2) In the Worst of Political Times or 3) A combination of both. Paper must identify and explain different agents of political socialization. Differentiate between states, nations, nation-states or multi-national states (where applicable). Apply differing ideologies (from case studies) to support their claim. Identify the different sources of political knowledge. Assesses differing sources of political knowledge. Analyze political parties, interest groups, social movements and/or public opinion. Explanation of differing components of the political system selected. Identification of political violence. Identifies the core principles of either conservatism or liberalism. The functions of the political party system. Identifies types or tactics of interest groups. Mature, scholarly and polished, and has a clear academic voice. Paper must be well organized, visually pleasing, effective, professional, and ready to be presented.
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