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How does gentrification effect community good or bad

Students will be graded on a research paper choosing 1 or more sociological methodologies to help answer their research question. Students will be graded on the following: Quality = 7 pts. (Intro, Lit Review, Data and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion) Quantity = 3 pts (approx.. 5-7 pages double space Times New Roman) Grammar/ Spelling = 1 pt. (read YOUR work, make edits to make sense) References/Citations = 1 pt. (mandatory references, WORKS CITED PAGE)
Students will be graded on a research paper choosing 1 or more sociological methodologies to help answer their research question. Students will be graded on the following: Quality = 7 pts. (Intro, Lit Review, Data and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion) Quantity = 3 pts (approx.. 5-7 pages double space Times New Roman) Grammar/ Spelling = 1 pt.
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