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Strategies for analysing and entering foreign markets-LULULEMON ATHLETICA CHINA STORE-Academic Report

Refer attachment... Assignment Title: Strategies for analysing and entering foreign markets Company: LULULEMON Athletica entry into China (CHINA STORE) Words: 3000 / Harvard style / in text ref as much as / Reference – 40 / Bibliography - 25 / Appendix (use sparingly) Follow given structure in the page 2,3 and critically analyse and evaluate the theories, concepts and contexts which frame the international institutional trade and multinational investment environment also key decisions and strategy frameworks applied within international markets. Provide diagram where ever need.
Refer attachment... Assignment Title: Strategies for analysing and entering foreign markets Company: LULULEMON Athletica entry into China (CHINA STORE) Words: 3000 / Harvard style / in text ref as much as / Reference – 40 / Bibliography - 25 / Appendix (use sparingly) Follow given structure in the page 2,3 and critically analyse and evaluate the theories, concepts and contexts which frame the international institutional trade and multinational investment environment also key decisions and strategy frameworks applied within international markets. Provide diagram where ever need.
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