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Impact of Organizational Structure and Communication

This assignment will help you research and understand what impact organizational structure and communication have on organizational behavior within an organization. As you complete this assignment, consider experiences you have had with organizational structure and communication. Write a 300-word paper that: Explains how organizational structure affects organizational behavior. Identifies how effective and ineffective application of structure impacts organizational behavior. Discusses how organizational communications can be used to support organizational behavior. Include effective and ineffective communication methods. Cite 2 reputable references, 1 can be textbook, Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Design in Health Care (2nd ed.); or other sources of similar quality.
This assignment will help you research and understand what impact organizational structure and communication have on organizational behavior within an organization. As you complete this assignment, consider experiences you have had with organizational structure and communication. Write a 300-word paper that: Explains how organizational structure affects organizational behavior. Identifies how effective and ineffective application of structure impacts organizational behavior.
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