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"Liberalism and Realism contributions to the War and Peace phenomenon."

The paper should be a theoretical analysis(100% theoretical), that deeply discussing the following topic; "Liberalism and Realism contributions to the War and Peace phenomenon." An analytical paper discussing and comparing realism and liberality scholars responses to the concept of war and peace. Kindly note that: 1. There will not be a space for case studies on this paper. Just theories and analysis. 2. This paper will go through plagiarism test on the university lab. 3. It should be no less than 5000 words without the references. 4. Finally, references Must be academic and no less than 25 resources.
The paper should be a theoretical analysis(100% theoretical), that deeply discussing the following topic; "Liberalism and Realism contributions to the War and Peace phenomenon." An analytical paper discussing and comparing realism and liberality scholars responses to the concept of war and peace. Kindly note that: 1. There will not be a space for case studies on this paper. Just theories and analysis.
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