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hy it is likely that ‘selling’ became the sole focus of attention for banks and the employees in banks.

1.Discuss why it is likely that ‘selling’ became the sole focus of attention for banks and the employees in banks. 2.Is there any evidence that those responsible for making lending decisions in organisations such as banks respond to remuneration incentives? 3.Why is it likely that poor behavior was exacerbated by a belief among financial institutions such as banks that they were ‘too big to fail’?
1.Discuss why it is likely that ‘selling’ became the sole focus of attention for banks and the employees in banks. 2.Is there any evidence that those responsible for making lending decisions in organisations such as banks respond to remuneration incentives? 3.Why is it likely that poor behavior was exacerbated by a belief among financial institutions such as banks that they were ‘too big to fail’?
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