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Turbo charged cars are better than the superchargers

Prompt: Obtain, summarize, paraphrase and synthesize material from a variety of sources that develops an argumentbased on an original thesis. Sources: Must use at least 5-6 sources- this is what you must use: at least 2 books, 2 scholarly journals, 1-2 websites.  Format: LA; Times New Roman, 12-point font for the 3 pages of research. The Works Cited page requires its own page and format. Refer to the link I've provided for MLA and in-text citations and Works Cited Page.  Must contain in-text citations after every summary and paraphrase and quote.  Cannot have more than 2 short quotes (no more than 2 lines) and they must be connected to a larger point.
Prompt: Obtain, summarize, paraphrase and synthesize material from a variety of sources that develops an argumentbased on an original thesis. Sources: Must use at least 5-6 sources- this is what you must use: at least 2 books, 2 scholarly journals, 1-2 websites.  Format: LA; Times New Roman, 12-point font for the 3 pages of research. The Works Cited page requires its own page and format.
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