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Utilizing food Assistance programs shopping WIC foods .

Using the WIC foods list and the sample vouchers provided/assigned in class, select a grocery store that accepts WIC vouchers (will have a sign at the store; most major stores in Anchorage do) and locate each food that you would be allowed to purchase with the vouchers. For each food, you will identify the brand, the quantity/size of the selected package, the price of the item, and identify at least one nutrient that food provides that is particularly important in the life stage of the participant type you are shopping for. If there is the exact same item listed twice (same quantity, type, etc.), you only need to list it once, but if there is a variation in quantity, etc. please locate the item for each quantity/type allowed. I have provided a table below that you may use to fill in all of the required information. Alternately, you may take pictures of the foods/price tags and compile those into a document (along with a note about the nutrient in the food), that would also be accepted. The key is that I want the information in the table in a format that is organized so I can easily review them.
Using the WIC foods list and the sample vouchers provided/assigned in class, select a grocery store that accepts WIC vouchers (will have a sign at the store; most major stores in Anchorage do) and locate each food that you would be allowed to purchase with the vouchers. For each food, you will identify the brand, the quantity/size of the selected package, the price of the item, and identify at least one nutrient that food provides that is particularly important in the life stage of the participant type you are shopping for. If there is the exact same item listed twice (same quantity, type, etc.), you only need to list it once, but if there is a variation in quantity, etc. please locate the item for each quantity/type allowed.
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