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SUBJECT AREA Environmental Sciences
CREATED ON 7th October 2018
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Study using Kant’s Deontological Theory, Aquinas’ Natural Law or Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics

Start by reading Case #1, page 322. Now, I want you to create two separate arguments. In the first one, I want you use Kant, Aquinas or Aristotle’s theories to create an argument that concludes that getting an abortion to avoid having a baby with minor disabilities is morally permissible. Then, I want you to create a second argument, using either Kant, Aquinas or Aristotle’s theories that concludes that it is not morally permissible to get an abortion in order to avoid having a baby with minor disabilities. You should use different theories from the three choices for each of the two arguments (that way you get to practice with two different theories). Please just label them “argument 1” and “argument 2”. Unlike in assignment #2 where the argument was in outline form, I want you to use full paragraphs for this assignment - one good paragraph for the first argument and one good paragraph for the second argument. That way you are working up from arguments in outline form (assignment #2), to arguments written in paragraphs (assignments #3 & #4) to full essays by the midterm exam. For this assignment, the beginning of each paragraph should tell me which theory you are using and the standard(s) of that theory. Then you should have a couple of sentences which explain how the standard(s) would be applied to this dilemma about abortions in the case of minor disabilities (so, for Kant - what is or isn’t universalizable and who is or isn’t being used as a means to an end; for Aquinas – which of his three goods are applicable to this situation, and are they being followed or not; and for Aristotle – which specific virtues are applicable to this situation, and are they being followed or not?). Then, in your last sentence of each argument, you would conclude that an abortion is permissible (argument #1) or that it is not (argument #2). Be sure to print out and use Handout #3 when you do this assignment in order to be sure that your arguments contain everything required, depending on which theory you choose to apply. **COORESPONDING READING (from chapter 2): "Kantian Ethics" (pages 38-40), "Natural Law" (page 40 only) & "Virtue Ethics" (pages 43-44). Handout #3 and Case #1 on pg 322 Will attach all documents once assignment is accepted Must have his assignment by midnight Monday!
Start by reading Case #1, page 322. Now, I want you to create two separate arguments. In the first one, I want you use Kant, Aquinas or Aristotle’s theories to create an argument that concludes that getting an abortion to avoid having a baby with minor disabilities is morally permissible. Then, I want you to create a second argument, using either Kant, Aquinas or Aristotle’s theories that concludes that it is not morally permissible to get an abortion in order to avoid having a baby with minor disabilities.
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