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Social Media Marketing Campaign for Small Accounting business

Instructions: Your social media marketing campaign will contain the following headings and components: Executive Summary (1-3 Paragraphs) Much like an abstract, the executive summary is a snapshot of the entire plan. Meant for a busy executive, the summary should highlight the key areas of the plan including the goals, vision, needs, priorities, and (most importantly) solutions Organization Profile (1-3 Paragraphs) Include a short description of the organization to set the context. Product/Service Description (1-3 Paragraphs) Briefly describe the product or service that you want to market. Audience (1-2 Paragraphs) Include a short description of your target audience. Solutions (1-3 Paragraphs) Include a description of the technology you will utilize. Timeline (2-5 Paragraphs) Develop a reasonable timeline to complete all phases of the plan. Budget (1 Paragraph) Include costs, if any, you anticipate. Assessment (2-5 Paragraphs) How will you assess the effectiveness of your proposed solution(s)?
Instructions: Your social media marketing campaign will contain the following headings and components: Executive Summary (1-3 Paragraphs) Much like an abstract, the executive summary is a snapshot of the entire plan. Meant for a busy executive, the summary should highlight the key areas of the plan including the goals, vision, needs, priorities, and (most importantly) solutions Organization Profile (1-3 Paragraphs) Include a short description of the organization to set the context. Product/Service Description (1-3 Paragraphs) Briefly describe the product or service that you want to market. Audience (1-2 Paragraphs) Include a short description of your target audience.
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Write a report on the statistical relationship that you find between the stock price of the company that you have been assigned and the following three variables: the FTSE, the US$/GB£ exchange rate and the 10 year Gilt interest rate. please accept the order if you have a good understanding on hypophysis..

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