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Research essay (Allen Ginsberg and Marilynne Robinson)

Allen Ginsberg "Howl" and Marilynne Robinson "Housekeeping" Normally the writer just gives us some broad statement which researched online and doesn't engage with the texts. So I need my writer to be responsible for my essay. I am looking for stylistic analysis, a close attention to the fine grain of two writers' language. Do not offer a well-trodden account of his offering a 'voice for the voiceless', which is a thematic and content-focused interpretation, not a formal analysis. (construction attach below)
Allen Ginsberg "Howl" and Marilynne Robinson "Housekeeping" Normally the writer just gives us some broad statement which researched online and doesn't engage with the texts. So I need my writer to be responsible for my essay. I am looking for stylistic analysis, a close attention to the fine grain of two writers' language. Do not offer a well-trodden account of his offering a 'voice for the voiceless', which is a thematic and content-focused interpretation, not a formal analysis.
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