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Developing the Research Outline for Implementation of EHR

Content Guidelines for Developing Your Research Outline Just about every piece of scholarly writing follows the same basic format. Some authors emphasize some areas more than others, but the structure of most of what you read whether an essay or a book follows a familiar format. So, why reinvent the wheel when constructing your research outline? The following sections are guidelines only. After all, you should construct the outline that works best for you. You will find the headings below are broad enough to accommodate most types of outlines. Note: Use these headings when creating your research outline as the follow the headings for your eventual capstone report. Part I: Introduction & Definition of the Issue 1.This section is a brief definition of the issue to be analyzed. Why is it an issue? Why does this matter? 2.What is your argument? 3.What methodology will you use? 4.What conclusions do you expect to find? Part II: Historical Background/Literature Review 1.What is the history behind this issue? Is it new? 2.Who are the key players? 3.Why is it relevant now? 4.Bring the reader up to the present day by presenting the background of the issue. Part III: Contemporary History/Analysis 1.In this section, you should describe why the issue has come up now. 2.What makes this particular issue more than just an historical event/issue? 3.This is where you bring in your analysis of the issue backed by your research. Part IV: Conclusion: The Future Bring the paper to a close by giving the reader some idea of what will come in the near future. Based on the history and contemporary events surrounding your issue, what are the likely outcomes? This should not be random guesswork. Draw linkages based on the history you’ve read. Make logical assumptions as you draw conclusions. And as always, incorporate your research. As you can see, there is a familiar formula to constructing the research outline. At every level (or part) you should incorporate the research you’ve done or, in the capstone project, the research that you propose be done.Putting in parenthetical citations is an easy way to do that-this allows you to see where you have collected research and where you still may need to find more sources. Also, your outline is an organic document. As you continue your research in the capstone course you will add more material to the sections, make changes, and potentially revise your arguments. This is part of the process and should be embraced! Construct a preliminary research outline based on the model described in the week’s lesson. There is so set length just all the questions need to be answered. I will attach the other documents with the information to be used to complete this assignment.
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