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Urgent reserch paper/essay about a short story you should read first (kafka metamorphosis)

VERY IMPORTANT first read the short story by kafa name : metamorphosis. then please discuss the story in detail, think about how the individual is conceptualized in the story as you see in the struggles that Gregor Samsa goes through, and then relate it to a social/political change/movement. Feminism is not the most appropriate in this case -- how could it have affected Kafka who was living in early twentieth century Prague, and most importantly what bearing could it possibly have on the story?
VERY IMPORTANT first read the short story by kafa name : metamorphosis. then please discuss the story in detail, think about how the individual is conceptualized in the story as you see in the struggles that Gregor Samsa goes through, and then relate it to a social/political change/movement. Feminism is not the most appropriate in this case -- how could it have affected Kafka who was living in early twentieth century Prague, and most importantly what bearing could it possibly have on the story?
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