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Survey of the Dutch in North America and in New Amsterdam in Particular

Write a 2 page paper, providing an overview and a commentary of the Dutch presence in North America, primarily their settlements along the Great North River (The New Netherlands), and the New Amsterdam most notably. Of course start briefly by noting why they set off to the New World, and which company was involved in the process. Then zoom into their presence in our region.  Use the relevant sections from your: 1) Textbook, and state so, e.g. (Tignor 99), and 2) segments of the video found free on YouTube - New York: A Documentary Film - Episode One: The Country and The City (1609-1825) by Ric Burns - watch from the beginning up to and including the arrival of the British to the harbor (which is the first 45 minutes of the videos). To better understand Dutch overseas trade, see Capitalism and the Dutch East India Company (15min 39 sec): Please reply in essay format, use about 600 words (2 pages handwritten), with at least 4 dates/periods, e.g. the year when X happened, the century when Y ruled, etc. Utilize the general historical questions - Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How as you go. Make sure that when you use sources - you need at least two - see post on Originality and Format about MLA citations - you use less than 20% of total words count of your paper, and you cite properly your sources. For details, see the course syllabus and the college Policy on Academic Integrity. Violations of the policy (e.g. if more than 20% of paper consists of non-original material, whether quoted or not cited, will result in grade nil - 'zero').   
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