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Ethics, Diagnosis and Culture in Organizational Development

Title of the Task: ¨ Ethics, Diagnosis and Culture in Organizational Development. The task consists of two sections: Section 1: Ethics in International Development Study the case study in chapter 6 of your textbook called: Ethics in the Bank of Community Savings (page 182 of the textbook). Analyze topics related to the case and answer using your own critical thinking the five questions at the end of the case. NOTE: Be a minimum of 300 words for the analysis of section 1 Questions 1. What is the type of ethics used in this bank? 2. How would Kantian ethics work in this situation? 3. Did Mary say what was appropriate? What is the basis for your answer? 4. Is it necessary to implement a code of ethics in the Community Savings Bank? 5. If you answered yes, create a code that eliminates the unethical practices that are analyzed in the case. Section 2: Diagnosis and Culture in Organizational Development Conduct a research on what is the organizational culture. Select two different national companies. Review chapter 4 of your textbook pages 96 to 100 (Evaluation of Organizational Culture) as a basis for applying the topics to the selected companies. Additional research is required from three other reference sources to support your analysis Prepare a comparative analysis between the two companies. Your analysis should include the following topics: Diagnosis or analysis of organizational culture: • Previous study of the organization. • Analysis of the organization's environment. • Hierarchical study. • Productive analysis. • Examination of the service. • Analysis of functions, activities and responsibilities. • Determination of the characteristics of the workers. • Establishment of the characteristics of the management group. • Diagnosis of organizational culture NOTE: A minimum of 500 words is required for the analysis of section 2 Do not forget to quote in text the references of the articles or reference sources consulted.

Chapter 6 of textbook called: Ethics in the Bank of Community Savings (page 182 of the textbook). Ethics in the Bank of Community Savings María graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in English. For three years he worked for a local bank during the day and attended classes at night. At the bank, she worked several jobs: cashier, loan officer, secretary, new account clerk and loan processor. Although his area of ​​specialization was English, he studied enough courses to obtain a second master's degree, unofficial, in business administration. After graduation he faced difficulties finding a challenging job. Finally, to the point of despair, she accepted a position as secretary in the Community Savings Bank, in her hometown. She easily mastered routine secretarial work and managed some other areas of responsibility, for example, new accounts, loan documentation, state analyzes, and computer reports. Carlos Lopez, the main commercial loan officer, was quick to appreciate Maria's work. She said that since she was doing such a good job in the loan application process, she might be a good civil servant in that area. The management felt a little reluctant to have an official in that area, because she felt it was well known that women are easily carried away by emotions. Some feared that customers would take advantage of it. Juan Pérez, the bank's president, was suspicious that a young and attractive woman did not project the stable and conservative image he considered necessary for a good loan officer. At that time only three bank women had supervisory responsibilities: two of them were in operation (one supervising the accounting department and the other inspecting the tellers). There was also a branch manager, Guadalupe Gracia, with whom, very clearly, Juan Pérez held more than just a business relationship. Pérez believed that these women were in adequate positions because they supervised other women and did not establish any relationship with what he considered the bank's main profit area: commercial loans. In spite of everything, and due to the job recommendation, Perez gave Maria the opportunity to ascend to the position of loan officer. María understood that the bank was testing her and that the president was worried that she would project the appropriate image. Therefore, she wore long-sleeved blouses and high-collared blouses. He also used formal colors and tried to maintain a serious appearance and behavior at all times, both at work and in the community. Of the eight banks in the city, only the Bank of Community Savings had a loan officer. The first months in employment were a challenge for Maria. He enjoyed his work and apparently was progressing well. She had no problem getting commercial clients to accept her as a loan officer, or to visit local businessmen to urge them to do business with the bank. One morning, María met with other loan officers and branch managers in the conference room for the weekly meeting on business development. As usual, Francisco Sánchez, senior vice president, led the meeting. After examining officials' visit reports during the week, Sánchez asked the group how they could increase mortgage loans. Juan Hernandez, a long-standing loan officer at the bank, suggested that someone talk to Carlos Salinas, a successful real estate entrepreneur in the community. Hernández advised: "If someone were able to convince Carlos to mention the Banco del Ahorro Comunitario to his clients, we would actually do good business!" Sanchez replied: "That's an excellent idea, but you have to be careful with the way you approach it." Turning to María, Sánchez said: "María, I think that tomorrow night you should invite Carlos out and do whatever is necessary to get the business." Maria was amazed at what Sanchez's statement implied. "Who do you think I am?" He asked, as he looked at the other 11 people. Guadalupe, the branch manager and only one other woman in the room, looked at the floor while fidgeting nervously with her watch. Nobody gave the impression of reacting, except for José Bueno, a young but experienced loan officer, whose face showed a slight and mischievous smile. Maria knew about the rumors circulating in the banks that several people used to get benefits by going to potential clients, but I had never realized how far things had gone! After a brief hesitation, Maria looked into the eyes of the vice president and replied: "You have other women whom you hired for that purpose ... Let them do it." Chapter 4 of textbook pages 96 to 100 (Evaluation of Organizational Culture) In general, most authors on the subject agree on using the term diagnosis to refer to the analysis of organizational culture; However, where there are many differences, it is in the use of processes and techniques, with which the necessary information can be obtained. Due to the different ways in which the organizational culture is approached, it is impossible to pose complete processes. On the other hand, this impossibility also obeys to the fact that the topic of organizational culture is complicated, given that the elements analyzed are imprecise; therefore, the processes are diverse and changing. Thus, based on our experience, we consider that a process of evaluating the organizational culture should contain the following stages: • Previous study of the organization. • Analysis of the organization's environment. • Hierarchical study. • Productive analysis. • Examination of the service. • Analysis of functions, activities and responsibilities. • Determination of the characteristics of the workers. • Establishment of the characteristics of the management group. • Diagnosis of the organizational culture. • Analysis of the cultural diagnosis and impact on the organizational result. • Elements of the desired organizational culture. Each one of the activities of the diagnostic process of the organizational culture must contain the objectives to be achieved, the activities to be carried out and the expected results (Cruz, 1985). Those elements are described below: 1. Previous study of the organization Objective: Know the background, owners, shareholders, services or products offered, history of changes in the administrative and operational structure, as well as business cycles of the company. Tasks to do: • Documentary analysis of the company. • Interviews with owners, directors and managers of the organization. • General observation of the company. • Analysis of videos, recordings and other sources of information. Expected results: General understanding of the company: analysis of measurable aspects and productive results, participation in the market, facilities, cleaning, parking areas, idle areas, organization chart and other useful information. 2. Analysis of the organization's environment Objective: Acquire a complete and detailed understanding of the company and its relationship with the environment. Activities to be carried out: • Group meetings. • Interviews with managers and workers. • Consultations of laws, decrees, resolutions and other legal instruments that define relations between organizations. • Studies of documents such as: procedures, job descriptions, financial statements, invoices, organization manuals, procedures and standards, exit vouchers for warehouses, articles, etc. • List of customers and suppliers. • Visit to customers and suppliers. • Observation of the development of meetings and jobs. • Scheduled training. • Interviews with hierarchical superiors and subordinates. • Application of group information gathering techniques such as rainfall ways of ideas or others with such purposes. Expected results: List of suppliers, clients and hierarchical levels; relationship of subordinates, products that buy and sell, competition, training, legal and financial requirements. 3. Hierarchical study Objective: Know the internal form and the fundamental activities of the organization. Activities to be carried out: • Interview managers and workers. Observation of departmental and interdepartmental work meetings. • Compilation of information through the review of organizational charts. • Evaluation of job descriptions. • Analysis of the interactions between people and departments. • Application of group information collection and evaluation techniques. Expected results: Establishment of the following elements: organizational structure; number of departments, managers and workers; state of interpersonal relationships. 4. Productive analysis Objective: Determine the main activities, the type of technology used, the raw material used and the forms of innovation. Activities to be carried out: Detailed observations of the productive process, visits to work areas and meetings with interdepartmental work groups. Expected results: Establish the areas with the greatest difficulties, the work environment and the type of technology used. 5. Review of the service Objective: Define the support, rest and satisfaction services. Activities to be carried out: Facilitate work meetings and brainstorming meetings. Expected results: Determination of the mission, vision and objectives of the organization.
Title of the Task: ¨ Ethics, Diagnosis and Culture in Organizational Development. The task consists of two sections: Section 1: Ethics in International Development Study the case study in chapter 6 of your textbook called: Ethics in the Bank of Community Savings (page 182 of the textbook). Analyze topics related to the case and answer using your own critical thinking the five questions at the end of the case. NOTE: Be a minimum of 300 words for the analysis of section 1 Questions 1.
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