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Language myths, children can't write or speak properly anymore

Related to this language myth is a topic of discussion that is very recent: Young children do not learn how to write properly anymore, because they are part of the computer generation. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Write an essay (using 500 words) clearly stating your arguments for or against this statement. You may use personal experiences to substantiate your arguments, but use at least three other academic sources.* * If you have trouble finding good, relevant sources, you may try Google Scholar. Some articles may be free of charge, particularly if you add the search term 'pdf'. This may help you find sources which are free to use. If you cannot seem to find enough articles, think of other search terms you can use. A variety of search terms may give you more information. Requirements for passing this assignment are: Choice of argument for or against statement: Children of the computer generation cannot write properly anymore. Correct structure of essay (introduction/body/conclusion). Word count of 500 words (10% leeway). Use of at least three academic sources, which have been referenced correctly according to the MLA referencing system.** Bibliography, which has been referenced correctly according to the MLA referencing system.**
Related to this language myth is a topic of discussion that is very recent: Young children do not learn how to write properly anymore, because they are part of the computer generation. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Write an essay (using 500 words) clearly stating your arguments for or against this statement. You may use personal experiences to substantiate your arguments, but use at least three other academic sources.* * If you have trouble finding good, relevant sources, you may try Google Scholar.
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