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The Socioeconomic and Cultural Diversity of Urban Space

Need research question, outline and bibliography. Must follow AAA style (i attached directions) Also, attached info about the paper and topic info. I included the locations in Atlanta that I will do the ethnographic research so that can be included in the outline. Also, attached is the rubric that will be used later on to complete the paper (it is not due for two more months) It is just a basic outline and doesn't have to be super detailed or specific. No certain number of sources.
Need research question, outline and bibliography. Must follow AAA style (i attached directions) Also, attached info about the paper and topic info. I included the locations in Atlanta that I will do the ethnographic research so that can be included in the outline. Also, attached is the rubric that will be used later on to complete the paper (it is not due for two more months) It is just a basic outline and doesn't have to be super detailed or specific.
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