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Report about Crime Statistics of Andrews County TX

Research Andrews county in Texas and create report to submit in class. In the report, students should include a full rundown of statistical information associated with the specific report topic. Use the associated textbook chapter as a guideline for what to include in your report.Reports should be a minimum of 1-2 pages,clearly organizedand stapled.In addition, students are to submit a summary of their findings, sharing what stands out most from research. An APA style bibliography with a minimum of 2 sources must be submitted with each report. The course textbook can be used as a resource but is not included in the two-source minimum. If citations are not included in the report, a zero will be earned for the assignment. Due dates for each report are included on the class calendar. Reports are due in class and will not be accepted late, so students should utilize all available resources to submit work on time
Research Andrews county in Texas and create report to submit in class. In the report, students should include a full rundown of statistical information associated with the specific report topic. Use the associated textbook chapter as a guideline for what to include in your report.Reports should be a minimum of 1-2 pages,clearly organizedand stapled.In addition, students are to submit a summary of their findings, sharing what stands out most from research. An APA style bibliography with a minimum of 2 sources must be submitted with each report.
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