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Interpretating the past Declaration of independence

What are the key arguments that the Declaration of Independence makes for the colonies’ separation from Great Britain? Where do the Founders get their ideas concerning the concepts of natural rights, personal liberty, and the role and dissolution of government? How does the Declaration of Independence define what the role of government should and should not be? Is the Declaration of Independence a conservative or revolutionary document? How/why? What did these men risk by putting their names to this document? Include Turabian-style citations as needed. Be sure to stay in third-person throughout the paper.
What are the key arguments that the Declaration of Independence makes for the colonies’ separation from Great Britain? Where do the Founders get their ideas concerning the concepts of natural rights, personal liberty, and the role and dissolution of government? How does the Declaration of Independence define what the role of government should and should not be? Is the Declaration of Independence a conservative or revolutionary document?
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