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Exploring The Salem Witchcraft Trials in INterdisciplinary Perspective

Write a 3-page typewritten papers explaining the combination of disciplines or interdisciplinary approach you would propose to research and try to explain the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials. Don't retell the story, but rather identity 2 or MOre DIsciplines you as a researcher would use in studying the events and EXPLAIN WHY AN HOW THESE DISCIPLINES WOULD BE USEFUL CITING EXAMPLES OF EVENTS< CHARACTERS OR ISSUES IN THE PLAY. USE APA STYLe I would like To use this two DISCIPLINARY STUDIES History, Hysteria, psychology or religion
Write a 3-page typewritten papers explaining the combination of disciplines or interdisciplinary approach you would propose to research and try to explain the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials. Don't retell the story, but rather identity 2 or MOre DIsciplines you as a researcher would use in studying the events and EXPLAIN WHY AN HOW THESE DISCIPLINES WOULD BE USEFUL CITING EXAMPLES OF EVENTS< CHARACTERS OR ISSUES IN THE PLAY.
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