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The Rhetorical Analysis (Rough Draft and Final Draft)

Article Link Major Steps in the Writing Process 1. Pre-write/Brainstorm 2. Outline 3. Rough Draft 4. Edit/Proofread 5. Final Draft With this essay, you are basically proving to me your ability to 1) Summarize, 2) Analyze, and 3) form an opinion about the argument contained in a text = the major steps involved in academic writing that you will be asked to do over and over again in your college career and beyond. Your essay should be at least 2 pages in length with a Works Cited page citing the article as the last page of your document. No, the Works Cited page is not included in the 2 page min. I need both rough draft and final draft of this essay.
Article Link Major Steps in the Writing Process 1. Pre-write/Brainstorm 2. Outline 3. Rough Draft 4.
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Maxwell, Angie. “The Duality of the Southern Thing':
Summarize/critique scholarly article: Criteria: provide complete/accurate citation; summary clear/informative; elements of a scholarly article clearly identified; author qualifications; evidence identified/evaluated; bias/balance clearly identified and timeliness of article clearly considered.
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Choose five demographics such as age, sex, education level, income level, marital status, occupation, religion, birth rate and illustrate how they might affect your speech on a controversial topic of your choice. The information you will need to complete this assignment is found in Chapter 5 of your textbook. Since this is an “open book” essay, I expect thorough..
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I WANT SOMEONE WHO HAS A MARKETING BACKGROUND!!! Do a Marketing Communication Strategy for the GPUS and these two parts should be coverd: Part (1) - communication objectives - communication goals - Achievements - Communication plan (what is the best channel to reach us? Social media, press conferences, e-media, letters) Part (2) - Marketing Mix: (Product/..
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This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment. In this group assignment, you will be developing a presentation on childhood diseases that exist in adults. To complete this assignment, access the "Collaborative Learning Community: Health Promotion Presentation" resource. While APA style format is not required for the body of this assignment,..
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Summarize Channing’s arguments against annexation. How does he frame his objections? What does he believe will be the ultimate consequences if America continues on the path of annexation? Summarize O’Sullivan’s arguments for annexation. How does he frame his support for such a move? How does he see the future of America? Evaluate the arguments made by the..
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Operation Management-Harvard references. To work as per my structure, required the whole proposal 3000 words , which we required to provide the first half , Introduction 400 words , Literature Review (1400) , this need by 28th, Once we submit this, we will learn for Research Methodology (300 words) . Conclusions (600 words)...
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Discuss the design and operation of your home or apartment’s central air conditioner. Be sure to include how the condenser and evaporator work. Write in general terms. Show no tables, equations, figures or calculations. Make sure and cite references. This writing assignment will have between 400 and 600 words by “word count.” FORMAT: • 1-2 pages of text (double..
Clinical Safety Project Paper: Saving lives: The epidemic of abuse of prescribed opioids
The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to identify an area in their clinical settings where safety could be improved. Using ideas from the Sammer et al. (2010) article, and through a literature review, a plan for improving the safety of this identified clinical area will be developed. That plan will include specific strategies for changing the situation,..
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effective leader in athletics and the other person an effective leader in business
Conduct an interview with two people. One person should be someone you perceive to be an effective leader in athletics and the other person an effective leader in business (Someone outside of your family and current place of employment). Investigate the leadership techniques and principles which these leaders implement to lead the group that has been entrusted..
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Should the fast food industry be regulated in a similar manner to the tobacco industry? Explain your .
The paper must be a formal research paper of at least 3 pages (not counting the title and reference pages). The final paper/project writing format must follow the APA(American Psychological Association) writing style. Please follow the formatting as outlined on the Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab:
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Benchmark - Social Studies and the Arts Integrated Unit Plan
Throughout this course, you have had the opportunity to research and implement a learning activity that is cross-curricular with social studies and the arts, along with appropriate instructional strategies, questioning strategies, and differentiation. Part 1: Social Studies Unit Plan For this benchmark, you will plan a weeklong unit using the “Social..
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Please look at instructions for the topic that needs to be written.
[Describe a time or situation where you have been unsuccessful or failed. What did you learn from this experience and how have you applied this learning to your work and/or life?] I need to write this for my application. however rn im to busy for my upcoming tests. Please look at the documents provided and write about the topic provided. Thank You!..
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Compare the perspectives of Karl Marx and Max Weber on capitalism and inequality
1. Compare the perspectives of Karl Marx and Max Weber on capitalism and inequality. The essay should include what is similar and what is different between their ideas of capitalism. Provide an example of each. Students are to use the textbook to cite theorists, theory or sociological concepts. Below is an example to cite the textbook by chapter. 2. Describe..
Personal interview who is having an experience with disabling condition
-Personal interview with an individual who has had or is having an experience with a disabling condition- a chronic illness, substance use of disorder, physical or mental disability. - 3-4 page summary of the interview along with impressions of the interview process and interviewee. -APA format
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Social Work

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In the terms of Soren Kierkegaard: "Personality is only ready when a man has made the fact his very own. " There are many people in the world. Everyone has another type of personality which enables him/her exclusive. The tenth grade category at Presbyterian Christian Institution took an academic test and three persona test to discover potential upcoming careers. ACTION Incorporated developed the PLAN to show our approximated ACT report, and the conceivable careers..
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