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University degrees do not prepare students for the job market.

Your essay must be no fewer than 600 words and no longer than 900 words. -Chicago Manual of Style guidelines and must include a list of references at the end. You must use and cite at least three reputable sources in each of your essays
Your essay must be no fewer than 600 words and no longer than 900 words. -Chicago Manual of Style guidelines and must include a list of references at the end.
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The Correlation between Substance Abuse (AB) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
I already have pick topic and did research proposal spine (outline) in which I have to stick with that spine. The proposal will consist of an introduction, a review of the literature, and a methodology section. The introduction and literature review sections must have a total of not less than 10 recent, original, quality, and professional references to support..
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Sweden and Germany CO2 Emissions Exploratory Essay
Exploratory Essay: For this assignment you need to write an eight to ten page paper in which you look at 2 dependent variables regarding CO2 emissions reduction in relationship between Swedish and German politics and find 2 independent variables in both countries. You will submit it through the Turnitin system. Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection service..
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 To what extent does television contribute to the dehumanization of minorities?
This three page essay should be typed in 12 pt. font, double-spaced, and have standard one-inch margins. professor’s name, class, and due date should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. Must use MLA FIVE SOURCES, only three of which can be found electronically, and they must have proper MLA documentation for their sources. Cite Your Sources...
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English Language
If you were given 3,000,000 dollars for research what would you research?
If you were given 3,000,000 dollars for research what would you research? In detail describe what interests you? Would you improve something that has already been done before or would you start something new? Does not have to be biotechnology related must be research though, no random world trips to try every specialty beer. This is not a normal essay have fun..
Research Paper
How did the French Revolution impact the history of Santo Domingo from 1789-1801?
600-800 words, will take 600, I don't have the book to upload you would have to get the hard copy, name of book is Slavery and the French and Haitian Revolutionaries, by Anna Julia Cooper. And the other question that need to be answered is "what role did the Society of the Friends of the Blacks and the Massiac Club play in the Santo Domingo? needs to be completed by 12/8/2016..
Should children be encouraged or not allowed to participate in Boxing and Jiu Jitsu?
Argumentative Research Paper Requirements: Voice and audience: This is a standard research paper and should be addressed to an academic audience (my instructor and classmates). We are not necessarily experts on our subject so need to take care to paraphrase technical or specialized language and or concepts. Form: You should not spend much of your paper writing..
Conformity and Rebellion in Franz Kafka's "A Hunger Artist"
discuss how it develops the theme of conformity and/or rebellion. (1) In the introduction of your essay, you will need to specify the source of the conformity or rebellion, i.e. conformity to what? rebellion against what? Examples might be the state, the church, the establishment, tradition, society, the military or war, etc. Remember to underline your thesis..
English Language
formulate a consistent policy to dal with cyber-bullying of student off campus.
inspired (Monroe's Motivated Sequence ) In form of an outline: Introduction: with a good attention gather, as credibility, relevancy and preview main points Body ( I. need , II. Satisfaction( the policy) III. Visualization ( policy in place) Conclusion: summarize the main points,sing the ending , finale, action (wow statement) Outline format!!! ( you are..
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Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuel and Realistic Alternatives
This is for an Environmental Ethics course. I need to discuss the impact fossil fuel has had on our environment so far, what some countries are doing about it, what realistic alternatives there are and why we aren't pursuing these alternatives. Needs to be 10 pages double spaced (or 5 pages single spaced)...
Research Paper
Environmental Sciences
Define “social inequality.” Provide two examples discussed in this course, and explain why you think social
Hello, for this assignment I attached a file with important information. At the bottom of the word document there is a section marked Essay PART B and the essay question that I chose as my topic, that is what needs to be done. Also, you must incorporate information from the course sociology of Equity and Diversity, so if you know anything that'll be great. Lastly,..
Haier: A Global Chinese Firm Leverages “Distance”
Over the past 30 years, the Haier Group, China’s leading appliance manufacturer, rose from the ashes of an obsolete Shangdong factory to become the world’s leading major appliances brand in 2012. With 2012 earnings reaching $25.8 billion, Haier was unique among emerging market firms: Instead of relying just on exports based on low production cost, it established..
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main factors that led the way to the Quiet Revolution in Quebec
5 pages on What are the main factors (social, political, economical) that led the way to the quiet revolution in Quebec? How does the Quiet Revolution help us to understand Quebec today? And 5 pages on Present and discuss the role of the Roman Catholic Church in Quebec society between 1930 and 1970..
emergence of sexuality and gender-related behavior during adolescence essay
Online articles provide a great avenue for psychologists to inform the public and other professionals about important issues and developments in the field of psychology. They may be published by professional associations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, clinics and private practices, among other groups. The challenge in writing..
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Doctrine of the Trinity expresses the distinctively Chrisian understanding of God.
1. Summative essay 2. Analyse this statement by making reference to theological tradition and biblical teaching. 3. 2000 Words Length 4. 5-6 cited references 5. Deadline date 16th December 2016 6. Creative writing and No Plagiarism
Annotated Bibliography
Henry Ford Model T - History of the Assembly Line
Hello Everybody, Henry Ford Model T Documentary │ Full video │ 46 minutes. Find it in Youtube If the link does nor work, please copy and paste it in a new browser screen. Another alternative is to make a youtube search for Henry Ford Documentary Full video, a 46-minute video. You will find an economic history, with..

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Amino Acids
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CDNA Library
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I attended the Clark Atlanta Art Gallery Tuesday, September 13, 2013 in Trevor-Arnett in 11: 31 a. m. The instructor a few others and I had was Cynthia. The girl carefully and thoroughly well guided us over the tour. The lady was extremely fluent and intellectual in the art pieces being viewed. She genuinely knew what she was talking about, and you simply could genuinely see her passion on her behalf work and the art. To my big surprise there were many other students with me at night..
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Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright is recognized as one of the greatest architects ever. From his early career with the organization of Adler and Sullivan to his final projects, Wright made a wide range of function numbering practically 1, 500 structures, about 400 of which were created. His progressive designs are the prairie home and the Usonian house. The young architect's first operate was nominally a Silsbee commission -the Hillside Home School built for his aunts in 1888 around..
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