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SUBJECT AREA Environmental Sciences
CREATED ON 22nd September 2018
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Arguments for andagainst the existence of Global Warming

The following video presents arguments FOR and AGAINST the existence of Global Warming by Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and Joe Bastardi, facilitated by the FOX News anchor Bill O'Reilly. Address your letter to either Bill Nye OR Joe Bastardi, responding to the arguments the speaker presents. . Decide who you will specifically address your response to with your response. You may also write to the news outlet with counterarguments FOR or AGAINST the issue presented. TAKE NOTES in two columns as described above. WRITE a brief (1-2 page) formal response letter to the one of the people whose argument is represented in the video. Respond in a respectful manner, but be pointed in your arguments. Touch on at least three main arguments made in the video. Support your counter-arguments with research. Use the "Block Format" example at the below link to organize your letter.
The following video presents arguments FOR and AGAINST the existence of Global Warming by Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and Joe Bastardi, facilitated by the FOX News anchor Bill O'Reilly. Address your letter to either Bill Nye OR Joe Bastardi, responding to the arguments the speaker presents. . Decide who you will specifically address your response to with your response.
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