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How to maintain the food quality in fast food industry(Dominos)

I need the work in the next 24 hours after placing the bid Model is selected - ABC ANALYSIS Soft skills - 1) team work ( organising skill has chosen as a particular team work. So we should write the organising skills at domino's. 2) customer services 3)problem solving skills Tips for reflection Tip 1: The model or theory can be any one from any Wintec course that you have learned before. It can be different from the models/theories that you use for your project research. Tip 2: Please check the soft skills via your Moodle. Go to the url showing below:§ion=6 Scroll down, you will see a section called “skills list links”, you can find three files in this section: Careers New Zealand skills list Victoria University of Wellington graduate skills list Auckland University skills list URL Go to review these online files and identify three particular soft skills that you can apply in your workplace and you want to make reflection about the three skills in this assessment. Tip 3: in your final submission, you must have following parts (it is not necessary to add a cover page and a table of contents in this assessment) Introduction Theory/model reflection Introduction of the theory/model (2 to 3 references, must be correct APA reference style, references must be selected from: “google scholar”, or Wintec library, or official government website) Link the theory/model with your workplace and critical analysis (based on the real life example of your workplace, do not just generally describe, must be specific and particular) Can the model be applied in your workplace? Yes or no? Why? (You can carry out a research to check how people apply the model/theory in other places/situations, then compare it with your workplace to assess whether it can be applied in your workplace and explain why it can be used or cannot be used.) If it can be applied, how to apply the model in your workplace example? The detail process and relevant consequences. What is the (potential) benefit and/or drawbacks of applying the model in your workplace example? How to achieve the benefit via implementation with a workplace example? How to fix the drawbacks with a workplace example? Reflection of three soft/transferable skills Introduction of each soft skill (must be particular/specific, at least one reference for each skill, must be correct APA reference style, references must be selected from: “google scholar”, or Wintec library, or official government website) Link each skill with at least one example in your workplace and critical analysis how you apply it in you workplace, what is consequence, what is the feedback from other people (your manager, colleagues, customers, etc.). After that, explain how you achieve your personal development/enhancement via using the soft skill, such as what you have learned from applying and practicing the soft skill in your workplace, what you will do again in next time, what you will not do again, where you can improve more, etc. Conclusion Tip 4: Please, please, please, really check and exactly follow the marking schedule of this assessment when you develop your reflection.
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