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Formulate a consistent policy to dal with cyber-bullying of student off campus.

inspired (Monroe's Motivated Sequence ) In form of an outline: Introduction: with a good attention gather, as credibility, relevancy and preview main points Body ( I. need , II. Satisfaction( the policy) III. Visualization ( policy in place) Conclusion: summarize the main points,sing the ending , finale, action (wow statement) Outline format!!! ( you are the principal of a high school and your audience is the faculty of the school)
inspired (Monroe's Motivated Sequence ) In form of an outline: Introduction: with a good attention gather, as credibility, relevancy and preview main points Body ( I. need , II. Satisfaction( the policy) III. Visualization ( policy in place) Conclusion: summarize the main points,sing the ending , finale, action (wow statement) Outline format!!!
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