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BENCHMARK ASSIGNMENT: Field Portfolio (60% of grade)

successful completion of the benchmark assignment is required. The School of Education requires that students in methods courses observe and participate in elementary school classes to integrate theory with actual teaching practice. Therefore your field participation is integrated into this assignment. This project consists of a NARRATIVE PAPER that addresses the specific topics below. You can include a SUPPORTING PORTFOLIO with relevant documents that support what you have learned from your field work experience. Your paper should be organized to have 3 different focuses. Note that writing at the pre-professional level is expected in this major paper. Your organization, style, and mechanics are most important. If you have had challenges with writing, it is recommended that you seek assistance. The school you will be focusing on is P.S/I.S 178Q The Holliswood School Address: 189-10 Radnor Rd, Hollis, NY 11423 Outline for Field Portfolio Part I: In 2 pages, focus on the community. Describe the community in detail: 1. provide demographics about the community i. income ii. housing iii. second language issues iv. employment concerns v. appearance of the community vi. other appropriate information; major concerns, etc. 2. provide information about the organization and demographics of this school district 3. describe community resources i. visit the library and describe it ii. discuss what programs are offered in the library iii. what resources are there for second language families iv. describe other community resources 4. Provide a conclusion about this community analyzing the information detailed above. Part 2: In 3 pages, focus on the school. Describe the school in detail. 1. Describe the appearance, atmosphere, of the building. 2. Describe the organization of the building. 3. Describe special resources available for students in this school: AIS, ESL, library, technology, library, special education services/classes, after school programs, etc. 4. Attend a special program that promotes literacy: Choose between a Reading pull-out class, ESL class, Resource Room session, library program, tech lab, and special education class. Attend at least 1 session. Provide detailed description of the program and its resources. Describe the how students are chosen for the program. Describe the student population attending the program. Describe and analyze the instructional session you observed: methodology, goals, materials, outcomes. Discuss how the program does or does not promote students’ literacy. Part 3: In 4 pages, focus on the classroom where you have been observing and participating. 1. Provide a specific description of the class: number of students, special needs of the students, appearance of classroom, materials, organization, etc. 2. Describe the literacy program in your classroom. Describe the reading and writing approaches used in this class. How is reading instruction conducted? How is writing instruction conducted? Describe how the class is organized for instruction. Provide information on the literacy standards. What impact has the Core Curriculum had on instruction at this grade level? 3. Discuss literacy assessment. What is routinely done in this classroom to assess reading progress? What does the district do to adhere to state requirements for assessment? 4. Describe and evaluate the materials used for literacy instruction. Discuss the use of reading materials used in this classroom including children’s literature and non-fiction materials. Is there a library program that supplements class reading? If so, describe and evaluate it. Is there a computer lab that supplements the reading program? If so, describe and evaluate it. 5. Describe the use of instructional technology in this class. 5. Who are the support personnel who assist with literacy instruction? (e.g. reading intervention teacher, special educator, teacher aide, librarian, etc.) How is extra help provided? 6. Are there any second language learners in this class? If so, how are they assisted both in and out of the classroom? 7. Discuss the strengths and limitations of the literacy program. How effective does it appear to be? Is it meeting the needs of all of the students in this class? Are there specific recommendations you would make? [This is an important aspect of your paper!] 9. Conclusion: What have you learned about literacy teaching and learning from this experience? How does this literacy program compare with what we have discussed and read about in our textbook? [This is an important aspect of your paper!] 3 pages -- [Note: To assist you with this section you may find it helpful to interview your mentor teacher. The information can be used in your essay for part “B” above. The following questions should be helpful: 1. What is this teacher's philosophy of literacy instruction? 2. Has the teacher’s approach to literacy instruction changed through the years? Describe it. 3. Has the common core had an impact of goals and methods? If so, describe the change. 4. What reading and writing methods does she/he use? Are these methods effective? Are the methods meeting the needs of these students? 5. What instructional materials are used for literacy instruction? (Provide exact names and publishers.) What category of instructional materials are these? (i.e., trade books, textbooks, basal readers, etc.). 6. How is the class organized for literacy instruction? Are children grouped, if so how? Are the needs of all learners being met? Explain. 7. Is literature used as an important aspect of the literacy program? Is there time for recreational reading? 8. How is writing being taught in the classroom? Is writing well integrated with and applied to all subject areas? Does the teacher use journals, logs, peer and self-editing, etc.? Explain. 9. How do you promote oral language development in your classroom? 10. How do you teach to improve listening skills? 11. Are there students with special literacy needs (ELL students, poor readers, gifted readers, special education students, etc.) and how are their special needs being addressed? Are there resources, special programs, or teachers available to help with these students? Explain. 12. What has been the impact of assessment on teaching and curriculum? 13. How much administrative direction structures the literacy program? 14. Are there sufficient resources for instruction? 15. If something could be changed, what would it be? 16. Other questions that you have. Reflect on the teacher’s responses. Does what she tells you resemble what you are observing in the classroom? What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the literacy program you’ve observed?
successful completion of the benchmark assignment is required. The School of Education requires that students in methods courses observe and participate in elementary school classes to integrate theory with actual teaching practice. Therefore your field participation is integrated into this assignment. This project consists of a NARRATIVE PAPER that addresses the specific topics below.
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