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Report regarding the attractiveness of alternative countries

You are working for a company (U.S. automobile company) that is considering investing in a foreign country in China, Russia, Germany or other. Management has requested a report regarding the attractiveness of alternative countries based on the potential return of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). Accordingly, the ranking of the top countries in terms of FDI attractiveness could be a crucial ingredient for your report. The FDI Confidence Index is a regular survey of global executives conducted by A.T. Kearney. (1) Find this index, and (2) which country seems the most attractive target, why? (Use the globalEDGE website -
You are working for a company (U.S. automobile company) that is considering investing in a foreign country in China, Russia, Germany or other. Management has requested a report regarding the attractiveness of alternative countries based on the potential return of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). Accordingly, the ranking of the top countries in terms of FDI attractiveness could be a crucial ingredient for your report.
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