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Single Mother Household and Children's Educational Attainment

I need a research proposal draft for saturday the latest. Below are the details. Research Proposal Outline *PLEASE SEE THE MODEL PROPOSALS ON BLACKBOARD AND IN YOUR PATTEN TEXTBOOK* Make sure your proposal has all 9 of the elements numbered below:   Title Page Includes your full name, academic department, date and title of the proposal [Make sure to read the Patton book about this. Not a sentence] Principal Investigator [This is you] 2. Abstract [DO THIS LAST: Summary of the entire proposal. Make sure you include the hypothesis or question, the method, and the study population as well as something about the background to the project.] 3. Introduction [What is the topic? Why is it interesting and/or important? Whose lives is this research affecting?] 4. Hypotheses and research question(s) For each hypothesis, provide a detailed explanation of why you believe that the hypothesis will be true. This should include the relationship of your hypothesis to existing theoretical and empirical literature. For each question, provide a detailed discussion of the question, why it is important and what the likely answer will be. This should include the relationship of your question to existing theoretical and empirical literature. 5. Literature Review 6. Study Description: Research Methods [A complete description of all aspects of how the study would be done. Include method, measurement, sampling design etc. Make sure to have quotes from the books/articles supporting your choices.] 7. Analysis: How will you analyze the data after you collect it? How will you answer your research question(s) with this data? Be as specific and detailed as possible. 8. Discussion/Conclusion Challenges and Limitations [Address issues like: ethics, problems of access, non response issues, limitations of your study population and sampling methods...and any other problems you anticipate. ] [Address the limitations of the design and end on a strong note] Implications: What are the implications of this study? What contribution will this research be making to the scholarly community? Is this helping people in any way? How? 9. References [ Make sure to include everything you cite, and exclude everything you don't cite. Use ASA format. If you used a reference manager export it from there. ] 10. Appendices Single Mother Household and Children's Educational Attainment in the United States 1. Krein, Sheila, Fitzgerald and Andrea H. Beller. 1999. "EKrein, Sheila, Fitzgerald and Andrea H. Beller. 1999. "Education Attainment of Children from Single Parent Families: Differences by Exposure, Gender, Race." Population Association of America 25(2): 221-234. Population Association of America 25(2): 221-234. This article examines the negative effects of living in a single in a single parent household and education attainment by race and gender. Empirical data shows the increase in numbers of years spent in this type of families is greater during the preschools years. 2. Patterson, Charlotte J., Janis B. Kupersmidt and Nancy A. Vaden. 1990. "Income Level, Gender, Ethnicity, and Household Composition as Predictors of Children's School-Based Competence." Society for Research in Child Development 61(2) : 485-494. In this study the authors compared predictions of 3 different forms of children's competence from 4 different variables (ethnic, male, income, single parent). 3. Biblarz, Timothy J. and Greg Gottainer. 2000. "Family Structure and Children's Success: A Comparison of Widowed and Divorced Single-Mother Families." Journal of Marriage and Family 62(2): 533-548. The authors in this study compares children who grew up in single-mother household as a result of the death of a father and children raised in a divorced single-mother family. Data shows that the children being raised in a divorce family have lower levels of education attainment, occupational status and happiness in adulthood. 4. Hanson, Shirley M. H. 1986. " Healthy Single Parent Families." The Single Parent Family 35 (1): 125-132. In this article, the author investigate characteristics of healthy single families. She used variables that were measured including social-economic status and mental health status. 5.Li, Jang Hong and Roger. 1992. " A New Look at the Effect of Family Structure on Status Attainment." Social Science Quarterly 73 (3):581-595. In this study, the authors research the effect of living in a single parent household lower a child's social economic attainment using data from the National Survey of Families and Household. 6. Froster, Micheal E. and Ariel Kalik. 2007. "Living Arrangement and Children's Development in Low-income White, Black and Latino Families." Society for Research in Child Development 78 (6) :1657-1675. In this study they use longitudinal data from 2,000 low-income families participating in the evaluation of the Comprehensive Child Development Program to examine the associations between preschool children's living arrangments and their cognitive achievement and emotional adjustment. 7. Biblarz, Timothy J., and Adrian E. Raftery. 1999. "Families Structure, Educational Attainment, and Socioeconomic success: Rethinking the "Pathology of Matriarch." American Journal of Sociology 105 (2): 321-365. In this research, the author studies the effect of alternative family structure on children's educational and occupational accomplishments. There are higher rates of unemployment and lower status occupational position as a result of single mother families on children's attainment throughout the history. 8. Ermisch, John F. and Francesconi, Marco. 2001. "Family Structure and Children's Achievements." Journal of Population Economics 14(2): 249-270. In this paper, the authors investigated the relationship between some outcomes in early adulthood (educational attainment, economic inactivity, early childbearing, distress and smoking) and experiences of living in a single parent household. 9. The reason why I picked these 8 scholarly journals was because each and every one of these article touched and support my topic "Single Mother Household and Children's Educational Attainment. I will use the examples given in the article to prove that being a single mother could be an advantage or a disadvantage in some families in regards to children's educational attainment.
I need a research proposal draft for saturday the latest. Below are the details. Research Proposal Outline *PLEASE SEE THE MODEL PROPOSALS ON BLACKBOARD AND IN YOUR PATTEN TEXTBOOK* Make sure your proposal has all 9 of the elements numbered below:   Title Page Includes your full name, academic department, date and title of the proposal [Make sure to read the Patton book about this. Not a sentence] Principal Investigator [This is you] 2.
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